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Are you experiencing eco-anxiety? Let us help guide you on your eco-friendly journey with a consultation and resources to support your goals.

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Live with nothing to waste.


What is circular living?


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't need to break the bank.

By reducing the single-use products in your life, you will be able to contribute to the healing of the planet and your credit score.


By giving unwanted items a second home or new life we tap into the creative ways of adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

We proudly carry products that diverted waste from reaching landfills!


The repair movement is on the rise! Skill-sharing and tool rentals will be the future of zero waste living.

Join our community for tips on DIY repairs and upcycling products!


Living zero waste made easy.

Ceres is a circular market curating products for you that are plastic free, cruelty free, and fair trade.

Let us make this journey easier for you! Book a consultation with our team to learn about what eco-friendly swaps and habits you can adopt to help the planet heal!

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The Vegan Festival: Meadowlands Complex
New Jersey

Farmer's Markets Schedule coming soon.

Local delivery is available.


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