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Social and environmentally conscious businesses can no longer wait around for legislators and multinational companies to take action against climate change. Like Patagonia, we support activist movements through our work and network.

Support these movements as we advocate for climate justice, the Right to Repair movement, and more!

Image by Paul Einerhand


Justice for Our Oceans

Overfishing is causing ecosystem damage, extinction of species, and health concerns. Please consider following the work of the following organizations:


Right to Repair

Repair jobs are local jobs. Let manufacturers and companies know that they should redesign their products to make it easier for us to repair them.

Image by Pim Chu
Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen


Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has plauged our oceans, landfills, and livelihoods for the past 60 years. Let's hold companies accountable for the waste they created and the lack of responsibility in managing their waste. 


Inclusive and Circular Economies

New economies will be the future we have always imagined. For too long, companies have taken advantage of lower-income communities to exploit their work and talent. Learn more at The New Economy Coalition.

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