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Image by Marek Okon

Careers at Ceres

Join our team of passionate change-makers! We're looking for climate change activists, aspiring zero-wasters, and leaders that want to make an impact in the circular economy. 

Let's unite for the healing and conservation of our planet.

Open Roles

About Us

Ceres is a New Jersey plant-based circular marketplace curating eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. We exist to divert waste from ever getting to the landfill in the first place from everyday mindless habits while giving back to our communities and planet.

Our Purpose:

To bring circular living into every home and push us into the circular economy needed to help heal the planet and humanity.


Our Mission:

To reduce the barriers to zero-waste living by empowering communities to lead healthier, more connected, and intentional lives with our planet in mind. In short, we’re helping families “live with nothing to waste.”

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