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About Ceres Market

Live With Nothing to Waste

Our vision is to promote circular living by providing a convenient way to shop, learn, and rent under one roof. 


Our mission is to accelerate the planet's transition into a circular economy.


Our objective is to reduce the barriers to low-waste living by developing a marketplace that makes it easy to shop for curated eco-friendly products, rent appliances as well as tools, and learn to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Did you know that in the US, consumers unknowingly contribute to billions of tons of waste due to the lack of plastic packaging regulation and the failing waste management system? Yet because of the lack of accessibility and affordability of eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products and services for BIPOC communities, there is an ever-growing gap between the wealthy who can afford to be sustainable in the US and those who cannot afford this lifestyle.

All in all, the current makeup of the retail market makes it difficult for whoever wants to live a healthy and planet-friendly lifestyle.

 We are committed to leading the charge in creating an inclusive and circular store to help heal planet Earth and save humanity. 


Ceres Market has evolved as a New Jersey-based circular market curating products for us to be able to step into the next stage of sustainable living. Circular living helps us stay connected to our roots with nature, instead of destroying it for our own comfort. Our eco-friendly market carries plastic-free packaging, vegan, cruelty-free, and carbon-neutral products that have been selected based on performance, ethical sourcing, and low-waste profile. We exist to divert trash from ever getting to the landfill in the first place and reduce the barriers of entry for low-waste living.

Our Values

Circularity: Bringing innovation to retail as we shift into the circular economy

Vitality: Advocate for the health and quality of life for our customers and the planet

Integrity: Promise to offer quality products held to our eco-friendly standards

Accessibility: Creating equal opportunities while reducing barriers for all communities


UN’s SDG Alignment

We mainly align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world:

Sustainable Development
Vegan and plastic free
Sustainable communities
Sustainable communities
Low-waste lifestyle
Climate action
Plastic free
Sustainable Development


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't need to break the bank.

By reducing the single-use products in your life, you will be able to contribute to the healing of the planet and your credit score.


By giving unwanted items a second home or new life we tap into the creative ways of adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

We proudly carry products that diverted waste from reaching landfills!


The repair movement is on the rise! Skill-sharing and tool rentals will be the future of zero waste living.

Join our community for tips on DIY repairs and upcycling products!

A Bit About the Founder

Tatiana Gomez

CEO & Founder

Being a first-generation American of Colombian descent taught me to question and focus on the consumerist habits of the American way of life as well as the lack of regulation towards environmental conservation. As an aspiring zero-waste vegan, I found it difficult to buy ethically sourced products that were free of plastic packaging. Even the tofu had to come in a plastic tray! 


Post-college, I received my scuba diving certification and realized the importance of ocean health. This milestone taught me to appreciate this distant underwater world and contributed to my decision to go vegan. I made it my duty to help with the protection of corals and sea animals from human-related pollution. 


Once I made the decision to try a minimalist lifestyle, I knew I had a steep learning curve ahead of me. However, my passion for teaching others about what is really going on in our food production processes, packaging production, and waste management fueled me to do something about it.


Join me and the Ceres team so we can support you on your low-waste journey!

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