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Restoring Blue-Carbon Coastal Ecosystems

Ceres Market is ocean-positive and we’d like to invite our followers to join the movement by choosing a restoration project to back with their purchase.


We have partnered with SeaTrees, a project of the nonprofit Sustainable Surf, to plant and protect mangroves, kelp, coral, and carbon (ridge-to-reef) ecosystems. 


Because 'blue-carbon' coastal ecosystems - like mangrove forests - are 5-10x more effective than a rainforest at removing carbon from the air.

Project images_Wix.png


Each mangrove tree planted sequesters approximately 680 lbs [308kg] of CO2 over its lifetime. Help restore mangrove in:


Project images_Wix (1).png


10% of kelp breaks off and sinks into the deep ocean - sequestering the CO2 it contains. Help restore kelp in:

Project images_Wix (2).png


About half of the world’s coral reefs have been lost in the last 30 years. Help restore coral starting in June 2022 in:

Donate to Restore Mangrove, Kelp or Coral

Every donation will be used to restore the chosen project with SeaTrees

Is this a gift? Use our Gift Tree Planting certificate

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