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For every Ceres Market order, we plant a mangrove tree, restore kelp or restore corals through our SeaTrees partnership. By adding this product to your cart you can cover the cost of any of these restoration projects and/or make a bigger impact by adding more mangroves or kelp to your order.


Why kelp? Because 90% of all carbon in the GLOBAL carbon cycle is stored in the ocean. This is where it should be sequestered to reverse climate change. 
Globally, kelp forests “suck” (aka sequester) as much CO2 as the world’s mangroves. 10% of kelp breaks off and sinks into the deep ocean - sequestering the CO2 it contains.

We’ll be restoring your SeaTrees kelp in Palo Verdes, California.


Over the last 100 years, more than 90% of California's kelp forests have disappeared. Due to the human impacts of climate change and the removal of key predators like sea otters, sea urchins (which feast on the kelp) have proliferated to create "barrens" where kelp cannot grow.


The good - once the urchins are removed - kelp is the fastest growing organism and can grow up to 2ft per day!


Every square foot of giant kelp you help to restore:

  • Provides employment for local fisher-people and divers
  • Creates critical habitat for 100s species
  • Sequesters carbon

Restore 1 Sq. Ft of Kelp

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